Service Offerings

This offering is built to rapidly deliver a team with robust skills. We fill the clients’ intellectual, technical, financial, creative, etc. gaps. Our process is rigorous and disciplined to rapidly move organizations forward.

3 – 6 Weeks

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  • These projects focus on identifying fresh opportunities for growth through new perspectives, products, and revenue.
  • Each engagement receives a purpose-built team architected to achieve each client’s precise goals. 

When leadership teams or investment entities require an elite team to unearth growth opportunities or assess investment strategies but are constrained by internal resources or time, Quire steps in. We specialize in catalyzing strategic thought into financial reality, employing rigorous analysis, comprehensive planning, and sophisticated financial modeling.​

This work most often includes driving new strategic thinking to its financial implications through meticulous market & data analysis, business planning, and complex valuation work. ​

The deliverables are always a set of deeply actionable ideas that are integrated into a client’s core business plan or investment thesis.​

In the first phase, we deliver a team able to stabilize a company through a rapid, tactical restructuring.

In the second, often parallel, phase, we leverage anything competitively viable at the core. To that new-core, our team grafts fresh ideas, people, strategies, and execution paths to lead a way forward.

6 – 12 Weeks

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  • Asset is struggling to find sufficient economic traction to sustain operations.