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Revolutionized consulting for media & technology companies with enterprise values between $250mm – $500mm.

Over 40 case studies showcase model’s power to transform culture and client growth.

Proven over four years with projects of growing scale and complexity.

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“The Quire process is atypical in all the right ways.”

– CEO, Video Game Company

“Instead of just delivering results via a deck, they brought in world-class talent to work alongside my team to ensure that once they left, the actual operating work could continue. This efficacy saved us months operationally, which led to tremendous cash flow savings with long-term impact!”

– CFO, Streaming Media Platform

“Quire thinks and acts with the focus of navy seals on a mission.”

– CEO, Film & Television Studio

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  • Faced with a difficult upbringing, Jason Anderson conquered obstacles to create an exceptional life. 
  • After gaining early-stage investment experience at Gartner’s SI Ventures and complex financial skills on Wall Street, he co-founded Pursuit Advisory, a successful merchant bank.
  • This set the groundwork for Quire.
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  • Exceptional Quality: We strive in all instances to contribute ideas, recommendations, and work of exceptional quality. Quire’s standards are often higher than those of both our clients and the market.
  • Focus on Client Value: Our strategic solutions must deliver clear, quantifiable value to clients. We achieve this by connecting innovative strategic ideas with world-class financial and valuation analysis.
  • Creative Scarcity: Quire deeply values creativity and recognizes its scarcity. We maintain space to nurture creativity and are constantly pursuing ways to apply new creative solutions and technologies to solve problems and build new products and forms of content.
  • Ethics & Integrity. Quire holds itself to the highest ethical standards. Our work and actions reflect these standards. Fairness, honesty, and transparency are the foundation.
  • Open-Minded to Potential: We are committed to fostering both established and emerging talent to build world-class consulting teams.
  • Mark-to-Market Compensation: We offer transparent and fair compensation for all roles, with rates based on third-party sources that are verifiable by consultants.
  • Pay for Quality: We consistently aim to offer compensation above market rates to those with demonstrated skill. Our objective is to attract and reward the highest caliber of professionals, offering a premium for exceptional quality and efficiency, particularly for those with outstanding creative talent.
  • High Expectations: Both our clients and Quire uphold exceedingly high standards and expectations. We are dedicated to leading the market in quality and innovation, ensuring that we deliver unparalleled value to our clients.