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Growth and M&A
6 Weeks


Digital Media, Social Media, & Advertising Technology
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A global, diversified family office with assets spanning manufacturing, agriculture, and sports engaged Quire to prepare a scaled portfolio company for an M&A transaction, identify potential interested parties, and develop a process to exit the asset.
Our client sought a rapid exit and wanted Quire to think creatively about potential buyers to ensure strong competition for the asset. We were tasked with developing positioning & tactics that would permit the widest buyer interest in the asset.
We constructed a team of experts in preparing the client, materials, and logic to support a successful M&A process.
  • Complete repositioning and packaging to support robust buyer interest.
  • Detailed universe of potential buyers, relevant tactics, and process steps.
  • Sophisticated valuation analysis based on potential buyer universe and ability to pay.

We included world-class investment bankers to ensure our logic mapped precisely to potential buyer interest, behavior, and economic thinking.

Editorial content, software development, audience analytics, social media, media strategy, media & technology market, innovation, financial, and valuation experts.

  • Provide transaction services to support management and Board of Director’s ability to rapidly launch an M&A process.
  • Full repositioning that leaned into the future, not the past.
  • Full marketing materials, process strategy, and structuring support.
  • Ensure process efficiency without distracting management from day-to-day execution.
  • Financial and valuation assistance to vet M&A offers.
  • Optimize opportunity to capture a premium valuation.

Our client was able to successfully exit and achieve a substantial valuation relative to initial expectations due to Quire’s work.

  • Avoidance of investment banking fees.
  • Ability to run a robust M&A process and engage with a wide set of buyers.
  • Educated management, key shareholders, and Board of Directors on buyer profiles, historical M&A tactics, and ability to pay.
  • Supported management team by running diligence responses and managed dataroom behind the scenes.
  • Provided buyer selection recommendations based on initial indications and for final buyer selection.
  • Successful exit.