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An innovative technology company engaged Quire to accelerate growth through a strategic acquisition. We targeted a company that could enhance our client’s technological capabilities, broaden its product line, and amplify its revenue potential.
The client’s team did not have the skills to assess the M&A target’s technology, market, revenue & customer growth, and potential synergies. The client also lacked the necessary valuation and structuring skills to determine the optimal M&A approach.
Our core team included a diverse set of specialists, including technologists, strategists, and technology product experts.
  • Rapidly diligence the target, its market, customers, etc. to determine M&A fit.
  • Value the target based on a set of scenarios using sophisticated methodologies.
  • Provide views on how to structure, time, and de-risk the acquisition.

The goal was to a build a team that could move fast and function like a world class corporate development group complete with strategy, product, and financial expertise.

Financial, digital content, creative agency, and technology experts were leveraged to provide the primary insight necessary to assess the target. Additionally, experts in innovation, social media, and digital commerce rounded out the team’s skillset.

  • Evaluate of target’s business from a strategic and financial perspective.
  • Analyze how the combined company will be competitively positioned relative to key competitors.
  • Understand economic, customer, and revenue opportunity via synergies.
  • Provide complex financial analysis, valuation, and structuring support.
  • Full support of management team, including presenting the opportunity to the Board of Directors and key investor.

Our work allowed the client to win the targeted asset by moving fast and having the most sophisticated view around revenue and market opportunity for the combined company.

  • Addressed key strategic and technology knowledge gaps necessary to assess target’s business model and revenue opportunity.
  • Delivered refined market and competitive perspectives and data to deeply understand market positioning and risks.
  • The speed produced by working with Quire distinguished our client as an acquirer.
  • Mapped client’s roadmap acceleration as a result of the acquisition, with a key focus on expanding and accelerating monetization.
  • Provided structuring alternatives to give client multiple paths to an acquisition and capital derisking.