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Strategic Advisory
4 Weeks


Streaming Media, Advertising Technology, & Video Production
Ad Networks, Programmatic Advertising, Digital Content, & Data
Quire was engaged by a leading private equity firm specializing in media, technology, and data platforms to evaluate a portfolio company. Our comprehensive analysis and recommendations positioned the company to pursue market leadership.
The portfolio company’s management team was competitively arrogant, along with being ignorant of material market changes directly impacting the business. This forced us to play the role of educator and visionary for a team staring in the rear-view mirror.
The goal was to build a team that could assess a late-stage media company and see opportunities outside the portfolio company’s core market.
  • Develop a path forward, expanding consumer, advertising, and content opportunities.
  • Build detailed strategic logic for the necessary strategic and competitive changes.
  • Build detailed scenario, financial, and valuation analysis to support the new path.

We deployed experts across content, marketing, technology, and strategy to address our client’s internal capabilities gaps.

Media CEO’s, chief revenue officer, content expert, financial analyst, valuation expert, data analyst, software development specialist, and media & technology research analyst.

  • Leadership assessment & rationalization.
  • Realignment of current strategic and operating focus, including people and cost rationalization to stabilize.
  • Provide guidance on content and technology development opportunities feasible with the current team.
  • Define alternative strategic paths leveraging the Company’s prior history as a market leader.
  • Clear understanding of strategic risks and required capital for each strategic path.

Despite our best efforts and that of our client, the portfolio company failed to act. This allowed a competitor to enter the market, take customers, and build a vibrant company now valued at over $1bn.

  • Provided robust market and competitive intelligence from which to build a new vision and path.
  • Deep capabilities review focused on competitive gaps inhibiting revenue growth and technology development.
  • Assessment of management team and historical execution.
  • Developed a set of actionable strategic alternatives, including required resources, team changes, innovation, and capital.
  • Complex risk-adjusted valuation of each strategic alternative.
  • Recommendations to the Board of Directors & management defining the most probabilistic path to material value creation.