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One of the world’s leading women-focused media holding companies needed an actionable, capital-efficient strategy that would allow it to diversify its digital and product portfolio via M&A.
Sort the universe of M&A opportunities to narrow focus on a group of actionable acquisitions. Deliver a targeted set of new market and product opportunities via the acquisitions that could augment current revenue growth against existing audiences.
Our specialized team was comfortable working around the clock to develop tactics to efficiently and quietly acquire off-market assets outside of formal sale processes.
  • Develop a set of M&A targets that could be approached and acquired quietly.
  • M&A, valuation, and synergy framework development to ensure focus & speed.
  • Board of Directors and management team support to execute the strategy.

Our team of experts in women’s lifestyle, strategy, valuation, and investment banking provided the critical acceleration and stealth demanded by this client.

Financial, valuation, and strategy experts with deep knowledge of how to use M&A as a tool for targeting new capabilities, competitive market advantage, and customer revenue expansion to drive deep economic value.

  • Educate management and the Board of Directors on the opportunity to acquire a targeted set of strategic assets.
  • Develop an actionable set of tactics and a framework that would become the management team’s M&A playbook.
  • Develop additional logic, tactics, and strategic frameworks to connect existing digital, social, and editorial content to opportunities to capture strategic and synergy value via M&A.
  • Educate the Board of Directors and client team on how to apply the playbook, a deeper understanding of economics, and how synergies are created in the new context.

Quire provided stealth, speed, and confidence that supported our client’s ability to acquire off-market assets and capture synergies.

  • We filled intellectual, strategic, tactical, and capital gaps for the team, enabling the development of a refined M&A plan.
  • Quire led the client’s due diligence of targets to fill a critical gap and achieve accelerated speed in the market.
  • To further increase speed, we assisted the client in formulating negotiating strategies tailored to each targeted asset.
  • We led structuring, valuation, and processing of each deal behind the scenes to rapidly drive to a transaction.
  • Presented the complex M&A framework to client’s Board of Directors to ensure support for capital and integration risks.