Diversified Media




16 Weeks, Remote & Onsite


Film, TV, Video Games, Sports, Live Events, AI, & Technology
Streaming, Creator Economy, Video Game Development, & Experiential
Quire built an exceptional team for one of EMEA’s largest diversified media companies, with operations spanning film, TV, streaming, live events, and sports. The client sought innovative ways to build new forms of content and grow outside its core markets.
The client, while highly capitalized, did not operate in the more competitive Western and Asian markets. Along with building brilliant strategies, we needed to educate a team 25 years behind its intended competitors in all dimensions.
Quire built a team with expertise across both traditional and emerging forms of media and entertainment that understood how to strategically deploy billions in capital.
  • Build a set of strategic alternatives enabling client to move into new markets.
  • Educate client via one-on-ones with some of the world’s leading media companies.
  • Provide financial support to explain how to invest in building & acquiring new skills.

Our team included genius, highly experienced media executives, strategists, and technologists to operationalize a radical set of ideas to leap the client into the present.

Content, video game, film and TV, social media, audience analytics, data science, technology and software, media and technology research, financial, valuation, and investment banking experts.

  • Assess leadership and execution culture.
  • Introduce the client to over 25 of the world’s most successful media companies to learn and potentially partner.
  • Develop a set of exceptional new strategic ideas that could be applied to acquirable assets operating as media segment leaders.
  • Develop clear and precise frameworks to stratify the strategic opportunities to make actionability, cost, and risk clear.
  • Educate a management team and Board of Directors firmly planted in traditional media on how to see future opportunities.

Our client leveraged Quire’s work to focus its growth investments on markets, audiences, and products that offered the greatest potential value and market entry risk mitigation.

  • Our experts represented the future of media and the technologies that are altering the landscapes, a skillset wholly missing within the client’s management team.
  • We spent significant time educating our client on the potential future(s) for the media segment, including introducing them to over 25 of the most significant companies participating in changing the face of how consumers access, engage with, and pay for media.
  • We also provided a deep education on the new technologies altering content distribution, introducing our client to a sample of these companies as well.