Global Family Office
Digital Media




Strategic Advisory and M&A
4 Weeks


Digital & Social Media, News, Ad Tech, & User Acquisition & Growth
Social Media, Content Production, Digital Marketing, & Growth
A large family office with a passion for media, technology, and sports investments needed a team of world class strategists, innovators, and content specialists to diligence an M&A target.
Competing effectively in a formal M&A process without overpaying. Unlike many of the strategic bidders, our client lacked synergies to justify a premium valuation. This drove us to find innovative new ways of growing revenue to support a competitive offer.
Quire built an interdisciplinary team of experts whose skillset allowed us to assess the target’s core value and deliver a unique vision for the asset.
  • Provide a detailed diligence analysis to support the ability to bid effectively.
  • Lead the financial modeling and valuation work.
  • Provide guidance on structuring alternatives to ensure competitiveness.

Our team looked at the possibilities that could come from owning the raw assets and brought in successful founders able to think in radical ways about a dying sector.

Digital media CMO, chief revenue officer, digital media CEO and founder, digital & news content expert, financial analysts, valuation specialist, and media & technology research analyst.

  • Customer and market sizing.
  • Technology review and risk assessment.
  • Business plan analysis and risk assessment.
  • Innovative strategic plan development, tactics, and costing.
  • Complex valuation analysis incorporating numerous operational and financial scenarios.
  • Investment tactics to de-risk & sequence $250mm investment

Our work resulted in a successful bid that got our client into the final round of a very competitive process, and, rightly, our client pulled out prior to the final bid due to irrational seller price expectations.

  • Plug-and-play team of world-class experts.
  • Exceptional speed and market intelligence.
  • Clear view of the target asset’s value, risks, and opportunity to innovate, as well as maximum ability to pay. 
  • Recommendations on tactics to improve the opportunity of winning the asset in a competitive M&A process.
  • Clear valuation guardrails to ensure the client was clear on the maximum value to be paid.