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Strategic Advisory
4 Weeks, Remote


Streaming Media, Streaming Technology, OTT, & Video Production
OTT Platforms, Streaming Content, & Advertising Technology
One of the largest streaming media platforms engaged Quire to develop market data, tactics, and a complex strategy to enter a new, adjacent market dominated by a Private Equity backed competitor.
The competitor was entrenched in the market and defended its position by paying for market share via economically unviable contracts. Our goal was to offer the market a compelling new offering supported by a profitable and sustainable economic model.
Quire built a team to develop innovative tactics and supporting data for rapid market entry. The target was a group of key, hard-to-convert customers.
  • Sophisticated target market trend analysis, sizing, and competitive dynamics.
  • Detailed strategic and tactical market entry recommendations.
  • Complex target customer segmentation, sales tactics, and key value drivers.

We delivered data exposing a unique market understanding that supported guerrilla-like tactics that accelerated market entry and limited both risk and cost.

Media content production & distribution, software development, streaming media, social marketing, user data & acquisition, data analysis, direct sales process, financial modeling, and valuation.

  • Detailed target customer profiles, valuation, and strategic thinking.
  • Revenue-based Total Addressable Market sizing.
  • Technology assessment & competitive fitness.
  • Competitor profile, fitness, and probabilistic competitive response.
  • Detailed market-entry, sequencing, and spend recommendations.
  • Granular, quantified understanding of valuation upside upon success.

Our work resulted in successful market entry and growing customer penetration of the targeted segment.

  • Rapid understanding of market opportunity.
  • Clear data on key targets, tactics, and upside.
  • Clear timeline on potential market capture.
  • Recommendations on marketing, sales, and pricing strategies to accelerate market ownership.
  • Clear understanding of both risks and economic upside related to the required capital investment to attack this opportunity.