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A highly successful team backed by strategic investors, including one of the world’s largest family offices, engaged Quire to build deep insight, strategic logic, and data to target an audience spanning 3 continents and 13 counties.
The client, while highly creative, lacked key technical and strategic skills. Our role was to integrate analysts and strategists to fill these gaps, assess the potential audience, revenue, and strategic opportunity, and then build a plan.
Quire constructed a team of experts steeped in how global audiences develop new brand affinities, move into revenue funnels, and monetize effectively.
  • Build a new brand positioning that could be used to define content spend.
  • Using social listening and data, identify a global, defined audience to target.
  • Build strategies, tactics, and economics around reaching the new audience target.

The team included individuals responsible for some of the world’s most recognized and valuable film, television, video game, and music IP.

Content, branding, social media, audience analytics, data science, technology & software, media & technology markets, financial, valuation, and investment banking experts.

  • Assess leadership and execution culture.
  • Develop an exceptional new live entertainment and digital brand that could rapidly connect with consumers and grow.
  • Build a consumer dataset spanning 13 countries, spanning North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Create a targeted content strategy leveraging new data insights.
  • Create detailed content strategies, costing, and tactics to leverage social media and music to drive awareness and engagement.
  • Financial analysis to explain the economic impact if successful.

Our client leveraged Quire’s work to focus its marketing and content investment on audiences that offered the greatest potential value.

  • Branding, data science, content, and technology expertise filled large gaps for a team whose expertise was making feature films.
  • Large data set covering numerous geographies that could be used by technologists and marketers to target a narrow set of key early adopters.
  • We provided expertise to fill in social media content and economics gaps focused on maximizing video and marketing spend against revenue-based ROI targets.
  • We educated filmmakers, famous musicians, and billionaires that invested in our client on the complex strategies we outlined based on all the branding, data, and content work.