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Quire was engaged by a 3x founder and his investors to execute a radical strategy focused on building a synthetic social channel. Once scaled, the client looked to Quire to quietly extract data on a targeted persona to determine a brand launch strategy.
While every digital and social platform extracts user data, few do it in such an intentional and intellectual way. Quire ensured the process was built on the most ethical approach possible in a world where audience data exploitation is the standard.
Quire deployed social media experts to build a synthetic social channel on Instagram that targeted a very narrow consumer persona and created a “focus group at scale.”
  • Build the necessary content, posting, and marketing strategy to scale the channel.
  • Rapidly A/B test 100s of content assets to determine persona fit.
  • Compile and make strategically insightful the data being produced by the channel.

Our team was built to push the edge of how data is captured through social media channels and how that data is applied to build direct-to-consumer business models.

Social content, social media strategy, audience analytics, advertising technology, financial, and digital marketing experts.

  • Build a social channel that would attract a narrowly targeted group of followers that could function as a focus group at significant scale.
  • Build content effective in capturing the attention of the target audience based on the preliminary persona profile, including age, demographics, economics, time spent on media, values, etc. 
  • Gather data over an extended period that provided robust insight into exactly the brand that this audience would embrace.
  • A/B test 100s of pieces of content rapidly to prove statistically that audience engagement could be used to drive consumer purchases.

The synthetic channel was scaled to over 5,000 precisely targeted followers, enabling the creation of a deeply tactical dataset, product plan, and refined customer persona to support a fundraise.

  • We built a functionally complete and virtual social and analytics team to execute this unique strategy, thereby freeing management from hiring permanent staff.
  • Quire ran the channel, content creation, and data gathering independent from the founder.
  • The strategy was so successful that the synthetic channel partnered with followers for content collaborations and promotions.
  • The data provided established the market demand for this new brand and was used by our client to launch a capital raise and demand a superior valuation.