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A once high-growth digital media company engaged Quire to lead a team focused on developing innovative strategic alternatives to address declining audience engagement and revenue, as well as internal culture stagnation.
The client lacked focus and sophistication bred by early success. Our team was required to address management psychology and company culture first and then define the hard reality of what was required to return to growth.
Quire deployed a specialized team to identify new market segments, customer sub-sets, and associated revenue opportunities.
  • Revitalize leadership execution and cultural cohesion to drive aggressive execution.
  • Build a new understanding of market opportunities and how to identify growth.
  • Build a detailed set of strategic alternatives supporting audience monetization.

We built a team that could look beyond digital media for new ways to monetize the client’s core audiences and incentivize the non-leadership employees to execute.

Community and social media specialists, data scientist, media strategists, content experts, media & technology research analyst, innovation experts, financial analyst, and valuation and investment banking professionals.

  • Assess leadership and execution culture.
  • Define a set of actionable, capital-efficient strategic alternatives that extend outside of digital media.
  • Expand understanding of product, event, and subscription revenue.
  • Provide clear guidance on strategic approaches, required capital, and risks.
  • Detailed analysis of options to restructure costs, infrastructure, and people to free up capital for investment.
  • Detailed modeling to explain economic costs and valuation upside.

Our client was able to use Quire’s work to refocus, resulting in a valuation greater than $1.0bn through aggressive execution. 

  • Quire provided data-supported audience perspectives that enabled our client to understand the roots of audience decay.
  • Clear strategic insight gaps were filled to allow the team to see why strategies receiving most of the invested capital were failing.
  • Once the client integrated our strategic and audience insight work, we outlined numerous strategic initiatives and alternatives to buttress current markets while expanding into new audience segments and markets.
  • Our financial and valuation analysts added another layer of insight through business opportunity modeling and valuation work.