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16 Weeks


Direct-to-Consumer, Social Media, Premium Content, & Commerce
Community, Creator Economy, Digital Marketing, & AI
An innovative entrepreneur backed by a prominent family office engaged Quire to help him build consumer data to support his vision for a new media platform targeted at young, entrepreneurial women globally.
The challenge was to rethink completely how “product-market fit” is determined in the context of start-up companies. Our goal was to use new, edge-state tactics to prove demand for yet-to-be-launched consumer products prior to making an investment.
Quire deployed a team of strategists, technologists, and social media experts to rapidly A/B test ~300 advertisements for potential products that fit the audience target.
  • Build a product strategy centered on a defined customer persona.
  • Advertise via a social channel and run ads promoting the theoretical products. 
  • Use the data on click-through-rates to statistically prove market demand.

This approach was one of its kind and exposed deep wells of demand upon which to build a brand, product, and company launch strategy.

Financial analysts and social media, creator, television, documentary, branding, technology, GenAI, LLM, audience analytics, and digital marketing experts.

  • Test a set of audience assumptions by running over 300 digital ads against a targeted social audience numbering over 20mm.
  • Drive cost of the data extraction to the lowest level possible using content and process automation, as well as leveraging inexpensive offshore talent.
  • Build a data set that is instructive in defining content, product, and technology investment.
  • Then, build a sophisticated business plan that our client could use to credibly differentiate himself when raising capital.

Our approach revolutionized the way that the founder and his investors approached verifying potential consumer demand before investing in any consumer product or media company.

  • We built a functionally complete social marketing team to execute this unique strategy, thereby freeing management from hiring permanent staff.
  • Quire ran the test from start to finish, managed the team, and refined the process daily as data was captured.
  • The strategy was very successful, gathering granular data on a large audience that was directly valuable for business decision-making and investment allocation planning.
  • This approach revolutionized the way that the founder and his investors thought about approaches to verifying potential consumer demand before investing in any products.