Global Family Office
AI-enabled Media




Strategic Advisory & Investment
4 Weeks


News, AI, Software, Subscriptions, & Content Aggregation
LLM, GenAI, Content Production, & Media Bias
Quire led the assessment of a $50mm investment opportunity for a sophisticated family office with holdings across sports, financial services, and manufacturing. Quire built a tactical team to analyze the application of Artificial Intelligence on content creation.
The development of AI and LLMs is progressing, yet there remain limited consumer use cases, especially in the context of premium media content subscriptions. Our aim was to understand the value of AI-generated content from the consumer’s perspective.
Quire built a tactical team able to assess complex media trends impacting consumer adoption and the application of Artificial Intelligence to media content creation.
  • Understand drivers of consumer spend underpinning the content being targeted.
  • Verify if the use of AI & LLMs was a differentiator in product adoption and loyalty.
  • Define how these two factors would impact growth and valuation.

We deployed experts across content, marketing, technology, and strategy to address our client’s internal capabilities gaps.

Media content production & distribution, software development, artificial intelligence & machine learning, news media, social marketing, user acquisition, data analysis, management team psychological assessment, financial modeling, and valuation.

  • Assess leadership and execution culture.
  • Customer and market sizing.
  • Technology review and risk assessment.
  • Business plan analysis and risk assessment.
  • Team, culture, and headcount scaling analysis.
  • Complex valuation analysis of an early-stage, high-growth technology company.
  • Investment tactics to de-risk & sequence a $50mm investment.

Our work supported the client’s $50mm investment at a valuation that bridged the gap between the management team’s exuberance and our client’s very disciplined and smart approach to valuation

  • Management recommendations.
  • Market, customer, and technology understanding.
  • Key growth inflection points and valuation drivers.
  • Valuation analysis using relative value and discount cash flow analysis.
  • Recommendation on how to think about investment structure & tactics.