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Strategic Advisory
4 Weeks


Streaming Media, Sports, & Digital Media
Digital Sports Broadcasting, Digital Audiences, & Subscription
Two family offices that partnered on an investment engaged Quire to consider the merits of approving the sale of their ownership in a digital sports asset to one of the world’s largest sports streaming platforms and sports rights holders. ​
The deal terms did not reflect a straightforward, all-cash offer. Instead, Quire’s client would have to take equity in the acquirer. The uncertainty around the future equity value needed to be bridged through strategically-guided financial modeling.
We built a team that could keep the strategic review narrowly contextualized against a set of transaction scenarios, including the offer on the table from the acquirer.
  • Review, risk assess, and value the acquirer’s strategic plan.
  • Value the equity consideration offered by the acquirer and related structure.
  • Provide potential economic outcomes based on the acquirer’s strategic plan.

We used experts in sports and sports content, as well as a highly experienced investment banking analyst to rapidly perform the complex valuation work.

Sports media, streaming rights, content economics, and audience valuation experts were paired with a financial analyst deeply steeped in sports valuation.

  • Evaluate acquirer’s business from a strategic and financial perspective.
  • Calculate subscriber growth curves for the combined company.
  • Develop a growth framework based on the acquirer’s ability to create upside value in the equity consideration being offered.
  • Assess the terms of a transaction, with a specific focus on the synergies defined by the potential acquirer.
  • Provide a clear sense of upside potential and ultimate exit timing.

Our client was able to get comfortable with the potential transaction outcomes and stepped forward with the acquirer.

  • Filled client’s knowledge gaps related to sports media, streaming valuations, and subscription models.
  • Provided economic analysis to make clear the path to value creation post-approval of the sales.
  • Offered advice around the proposed structure, consideration, and timelines to closing a transaction.
  • Ensured risks of approving a transaction were clear, as well as detail on catalysts to future opportunities to sell to another buyer.