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12 Weeks


TV Production, Unscripted, Documentaries, & Branded Content
Streaming, Creator Economy, Social Media, & Direct-to-Consumer
An award-winning, global television production company known for its iconic franchises engaged Quire to lead a team focused on new strategic paths, including the expansion into new markets based on the client’s exceptional content and creative skills.
Our client wanted to ensure that its brand would not be debased or tarnished by any of the new initiatives Quire might suggest, especially as it related to perceived “low-brow” social media or branded content opportunities.
Quire deployed a team that were experts in how content drives audience loyalty and associated consumerism across streaming video, audio, and social media.
  • Identify new revenue opportunities supported by a culture of creative exceptionalism.
  • Define a clear strategic and operational execution path, including risk assessment.
  • Build complex financial models supporting execution and capital ROI.

We augmented this successful production business to support building media-driven brands that could push viewers to an eCommerce platform to buy tangible products.

Content, film & TV, social media, and audience analytics experts, data scientist, media & technology research analyst, financial analysts, valuation expert, and branding & creative agency experts.

  • Assess leadership and execution culture.
  • Develop a framework to understand how certain unscripted shows successfully drive enormous commerce revenue and others do not.
  • Create a development approach that permitted our client to isolate concepts with commerce potential away from its day-to-day work making “great TV” for the world’s largest networks and streamers.
  • Build a strategic, operating, and financial plan around a new internal group whose sole responsibility was nurturing a distinct set of shows to build commerce-centric brands.

Our work supported the creation of numerous concepts, including a now household brand with over $100mm in annual commerce revenue.

  • We filled a range of key knowledge gaps for the client, including eCommerce, social media marketing, audience data analysis, and social listening to mine social media for development concepts.
  • We built models & strategies to help our client see how to build 360-degree brands driven by premium media content.
  • We built infrastructure, hiring, and financial plans to support the investment in a group to lead this initiative.
  • Branding and creative agency experts rounded out the team to fill critical understanding gaps around consumer product marketing strategies.