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A once high-growth sports media company engaged Quire to develop an innovative positioning to support a capital raise, as well as tactics to drive market interest from a targeted set of strategic investors in the media sector.
The client had pivoted its model as growth waned due to changing content consumption habits. The pivot was superficial and required material work to build the strategic logic and growth assumptions to be credible with smart investors.
We constructed an expert team to prepare management, materials, and logic to support a successful fundraise.
  • Substantiate the management team’s new plan, adding granular strategic detail.
  • Build supporting financials and valuation to substantiate the growth drivers.
  • Work with client’s Board of Directors to prepare it for potential outcomes.

We also included experts in structuring and valuation to ensure the client had reality-based expectations around potential investor views on value and structuring approach.

Sports content, editorial content, social media, audience analytics, technology and software, financial, valuation, and investment banking experts, as well as media and technology research analysts.

  • Provide transaction services to support management and Board of Director’s ability to rapidly launch a capital raise process.
  • Full marketing materials, process strategy, and structuring support.
  • Ensure process efficiency without distracting management from day-to-day execution.
  • Financial and valuation assistance to vet investment offers.
  • Optimize opportunity to capture a premium valuation.

Our efforts helped secure approximately $30 million in funding from targeted investors on our client’s preferred list, while also achieving a premium valuation. 

  • Avoidance of investment banking fees.
  • Ability to run a robust investment process and engage with a wide set of potential investors interested in the sports sector.
  • Educated management, key shareholders, and Board of Directors on ideal buyer profiles, historical investment tactics, and ability to invest.
  • Supported management team by working behind the scenes to lead diligence responses and manage dataroom.
  • Provided investor selection and valuation recommendations based on initial indications and for final investor selection.