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One of the United States’ largest media companies engaged Quire to help it prepare for an M&A process. The goal was to divest an iconic media asset via a strategic combination with an independent, high-growth digital media company. ​
The challenge was to bridge valuation asymmetry. The merger partners were from different generations in media, with one being a fresh, high-growth asset and the other a legacy, high cashflow asset. Each owner believed their asset was more valuable.
Quire deployed a team to develop strategic logic to reposition our client’s asset, bringing out its evergreen competitive advantages to support a premium valuation.​
  • Optimally position and package the asset for a sale.
  • Build market-ready financial models, growth drivers, and provisional valuation.
  • Define potential buyer universe and risks of not exiting the asset.

The team were experts in preparing an asset for a successful merger. We included investment bankers to ensure our logic mapped precisely to that of potential buyers.

Editorial content, software development, audience analytics, technology and software, financial, valuation, and investment banking experts, as well as media and technology research analysts.

  • Provide transaction services to support management and Board of Director’s ability to rapidly launch an M&A process.
  • Full marketing materials, process strategy, and structuring support.
  • Ensure process efficiency without distracting management from day-to-day execution.
  • Financial and valuation assistance to understand potential M&A offers and value drivers.
  • Optimize opportunity to capture a premium valuation.

Our work helped support a successful divestiture by bridging relative value approaches. We applied the right multiples to each asset, risk-adjusted for stage of company and long-term cash flow.

  • Avoidance of investment banking fees.
  • Ability to run a robust process and engage with a wide set of buyers.
  • Educated management, key shareholders, and Board of Directors on potential M&A partners, historical M&A tactics, and potential synergy value.
  • Supported client by running diligence responses behind the scenes.
  • Provided M&A partner selection recommendations based on strategic and economic upside inherent in each combination.