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One of the world’s leading women’s digital brands was struggling to meet its growth plans. The client engaged Quire to help it understand how to optimally expand its content offering, with a focus on premium, long-form unscripted content and related revenue.
Quire needed to help an unsophisticated team develop an actionable, capital efficient strategy. Enormous education was required both at the management and the Board of Directors levels to ensure successful integration of Quire’s complex recommendations.
Our team of diverse specialists included EMMY-winning content experts, product monetization analysts, and product development specialists.
  • Build a premium, unscripted strategy that mapped to client’s existing audience.
  • Build economic models, including secondary & tertiary product opportunities.
  • Provide detailed analysis of valuation impact, across multiple alternatives.

Our team of experts in women’s lifestyle, television development & production, streaming economics, and content strategy functioned independently.

Financial, premium long-form content, and creative agency experts were deployed into the client’s organization. Additionally, experts in innovation, social media, product development, and digital commerce rounded out the team’s skillset.

  • Educate management and the Board of Directors on the opportunity to enter the premium content market.
  • Develop an actionable set of tactics and a framework that would become the management team’s premium content playbook.
  • Develop additional logic, tactics, and strategic frameworks to connect existing digital, social, and editorial content to the new premium video model.
  • Build complex financial models and scenarios that could be directly integrated in the client’s business plan and financial models

Quire revolutionized the client’s understanding of content opportunities outside digital while tying everything back to the client’s existing, exploitable core audience to drive revenue.

  • We filled enormous intellectual, strategic, tactical, and capital gaps for the client, enabling the development of a clear plan.
  • In a matter of weeks, the team was able to present a set of very sophisticated and actionable ideas to its Board of Directors.
  • Quire also provided deep insight into the economics of premium content and opportunities to innovate and partner to de-risk.
  • Developed competitive analysis to have a clear sense of how to enter a new market and avoid negative competitive response.
  • Provided complex financial modeling, with this work built for integration into client models.