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Turnaround & Strategic Advisory
12 weeks, remote & onsite


Video Games, Social Media, Streaming Media, & eSports
Social Influencers, Community, AI, & Roblox
A mid-stage eSports company engaged Quire to build new strategic and revenue opportunities through a strategy and product realignment. The client also wanted to execute a deep operational and financial efficiency reset.
The client faced stagnation and needed a comprehensive strategy reset to pivot towards becoming a leading video game publisher. This required leadership changes, cost rationalization, and market and product repositioning.
Our team of diverse specialists included corporate psychologists, gaming CMOs, branding specialists, video game development experts, and financial analysts.
  • Assess and rationalize leadership and operational structure.
  • Identify and quantify new market entry opportunities in the gaming sector.
  • Develop a robust 3-year business plan for execution.

The goal was to build a team that could serve as a “company within the company” to eliminate internal friction limiting ideation, planning, and growth.

Corporate psychologist, gaming chief marketing officer (CMO), media and gaming CEOs, chief revenue officer, innovation expert, content specialists, live event creator, financial analysts, data analysts, and media & technology research analysts.

  • Assess leadership and execution culture. Assess leadership and execution culture.
  • Culture reset to build improved communication, cohesion, & team’s ability to execute a complex plan.
  • Realignment and augmentation of strategic and operating focus, including infrastructure, people and costs.
  • Identification and quantification of a new market entry opportunities in the video game sector.
  • Construction of a 3-year business plan that could be operationalized and executed.

In just twelve weeks we turned a struggling eSports company into a focused game developer with a clear plan, expanded operational runway, and put the right team in place to execute the new plan. 

  • Significant cost reductions that improved operational efficiency.
  • A data-driven strategy for customer targeting and engagement.
  • A reinvigorated company culture and leadership team, aligned with the new strategic direction.
  • Enhanced brand identity and market positioning.
  • A comprehensive, board-ready 3-year strategic plan detailing execution pathways.
  • Improved financial stability, runway, and a financial roadmap for sustained growth.