Social & Digital Media




Growth and M&A
12 Weeks, Onsite


Media Distribution, Audience Economics, & Media Consumption
Premium Content, Streaming, Subscription Media, & Time-Spent
One of the world’s largest digital media companies engaged Quire to spearhead a team for a strategic analysis and M&A assessment aimed at purchasing a scaled video distribution platform. We targeted assets from top-tier global media conglomerates.
The targeted assets, some of the most valuable in the world, were not for sale. Quire was tasked with developing strategies, economic upside scenarios, and synergy analysis to economically compel a sale in a very short timeframe.
We constructed a team of media and technology experts with deep expertise in scaled media distribution assets, including social, streaming, and cable distribution.
  • Build a universe of actionable assets with deep and diverse synergies.
  • Develop tactics, valuation expectations, and detailed analysis on each.
  • Support client in developing the right approach for each asset to compel a sale.

We included financial experts that could build credible growth models bridging both time spent on media and wholistic audience ability to spend on media content.

Technology & software, content, media strategy, media & technology market, innovation, operations, financial, valuation, and investment banking experts.

  • Function like a robust corporate development and banking team.
  • Identify M&A opportunities to own strategic, scaled media assets responsible for large-scale content distribution.
  • Develop insight around expanded audience monetization value.
  • Perform complex financial modeling to understand valuation expectations and ideal financial structuring approach.
  • Develop clear strategic vision around most attractive opportunities.
  • Synergy valuation, including providing structuring guidance focused on derisking an acquisition while capturing the most economic value.

Our client successfully acquired an off-market, multi-billion-dollar asset from one of the world’s most decerning global media conglomerates.

  • Market & technology insight supporting management and capital partners’ ability to rapidly assess complex assets.
  • Deep strategic and innovative thinking provided to help the team see potential new revenue opportunities and inherent risks post-M&A.
  • Media content and distribution experts provided an impossible-to-assemble team for the average operator, providing enormous speed and intellectual advantages.
  • Full world-class set of financial, valuation, and banking experts added to real-world perspective around target actionability.
  • The new asset acquired produced many new forms of revenue.