Family Office
Digital Media


$500mm – $4bn


Growth and M&A
8 Weeks, Remote


Video Platforms, Content, Social Media, & Advertising Technology
Creators, Programmatic Advertising, Digital Content, & Data
A global, diversified holding company engaged Quire to form a dedicated team tasked with conducting strategic analysis and mergers and acquisitions exploration. The objective was to acquire a video platform valued between $500mm and $4bn.
Assembling a team of financial and strategic professionals that were deeply innovative and understood how to quantify new revenue opportunities in detail, analyze large amounts of data, and value complex technologies and audiences.
We constructed a team with deep expertise in video platforms, including operators, technologists, innovators, and audience revenue analytics specialists.
  • Build a matrix of actionable M&A opportunities.
  • Develop tactics, valuation expectations, and detailed growth opportunities for each.
  • Educate the client and provide detailed recommendations on each target.

We also included financial experts that could both assess new sources of revenue growth and value the impact on valuation and acquirer ROI.

Technology & software, media strategy, media & technology market, innovation, operations, financial, valuation, and investment banking experts.

  • Develop a robust review of actionable M&A targets in the video platform sector.
  • Provide detail on audience by platform, revenue opportunity, and economic drivers using complex data.
  • Perform robust financial modeling to understand seller valuation expectations and ideal financial structuring approach.
  • Develop clear strategic vision around most attractive opportunities.
  • Provide structuring & tactical guidance focused on a rapid path to acquiring a sub-set of the most highly attractive targets.

Our client was able in a matter of weeks to select targets, determine a path to a transaction, and execute its desired plan.

  • Market & technology insight supporting management and capital partners’ ability to rapidly assess a complex market segment.
  • Deep strategic and innovative thinking provided to help the team see potential new revenue opportunities post-M&A.
  • Technology visionaries included as part of the working team to leap a group of traditional media investors forward, enabling them to see how a set of emerging technologies could impact a target’s value. 
  • Full world-class set of financial, valuation, and banking experts to add real-world perspective around target actionability and cost.