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One of the United States’ largest family offices and its partners invested over $100mm in a struggling digital media company. Quire was engaged to develop a set of strategic alternatives that could lead the company back to growth in new markets.
Audience, engagement, and revenue growth had become extremely challenged. The team had run out of new ideas. Quire was tasked with developing a new plan that could immediately invigorate growth, while also strategically realigning the organization.
We built a team deeply steeped in emerging digital media revenue opportunities and added supplemental members who could expand into new, growing product markets.
  • In-depth review of relevant growth opportunities in digital media.
  • Use existing audience to identify new, unrelated markets with revenue opportunities.
  • Build a new plan that quantified these opportunities and revalued the company.

This project required depth across media innovation strategies. We used strategists and successful founders with exceptional experience to build a new model.

Editorial content, software development, audience analytics, media strategy, media & technology market, innovation, financial, and valuation experts.

  • Assess leadership and execution culture.
  • Assess competitive positioning, capabilities, and fitness.
  • Analyze the strategic initiatives, business model, audience and content strategy, technology, and analytics capabilities.
  • Quantify brand value, assessing its vitality and clarity amongst its audience, advertisers, and employees.
  • Build audience data set to understand potential new revenue drivers.
  • Provide recommendations across a set of innovative strategic alternatives.

We took a radical approach that looked past digital media and focused on the client’s core customer to identify opportunities in both old & new markets. Our work prepared the asset for a successful sale.

  • Filled critical intelligence gaps to enable the team to accurately see its competitive threats and opportunities clearly.
  • Developed a sophisticated, proprietary innovation framework to support team’s ability to see growth investment and competitive response options.
  • Detailed strategically and quantified financially twelve (12) strategic alternatives.
  • Provided detailed risk assessments for each alternative, including tactical pathways and investment approaches to derisk capital, people, and development costs.