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Strategic Advisory and M&A
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Streaming Media, Video Production, Podcast, & Direct-to-Consumer
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One of the United States’ largest and most cherished media companies engaged Quire to be part of a diverse team supporting the execution of a $3.0bn M&A deal. The goal was to transform the client through the acquisition of technology and digital capabilities.
The client’s strengths in producing premium content had to be meshed with the target’s technology prowess and aggressive culture. Building a synergistic plan that can produce a sum greater than the parts is always challenging in this context.
We filled key gaps for a traditional media company with limited understanding of the target’s digital, technology, and data-related capabilities and growth opportunities.
  • Diligence support for the management team and Board of Directors.
  • Vetting of the combined strategic plan with a focus on growth acceleration.
  • Complex modeling and valuation analysis of the combined asset and synergies.

We also focused on shaping the combined company’s 5-year plan, as well as the market messaging related to the acquisition.

Media experts across content, digital, and data. Financial, valuation, and strategy experts were also leveraged, as well as a prominent equity research analyst to help shape the messaging to the investor market.

  • Evaluate target’s digital business from a strategic and financial perspective.
  • Refine the client’s 5-year standalone and combined financial forecast, providing multiple case-based scenarios.
  • Analyze how the combined company will be competitively positioned relative to key competitors.
  • Define and quantify the opportunity costs of the transaction.
  • Frame the key economic and strategic value drivers for public investors.

Our work supported a broad team of advisors, bankers, and strategists that successfully completed a $3.0bn merger.

  • Addressed key strategic knowledge gaps to expand client’s understanding of the business model and revenue opportunity. 
  • Delivered digital media and audience data experts to work alongside client’s team to help envision a future business model.
  • Presented analysis and recommendations to the Board of Directors to ensure robust understanding of transaction, upside, and risks.
  • Enabled Board and management confidence in the appropriate market messaging to ensure best receptivity and stock lift.