Grindr Windows Phone

Exclusive: Grindr Coming to Windows Phone

Grindr is coming to Windows Phone! But now the question is “when?”

After what I assume must be at least 100,000 requests for Grindr to create a version of the popular hookup dating app for the Windows Phone platform our/my prayers have been answered, Grindr, Windows Phone edition IS indeed coming! How do we know? Let’s look at the facts.

  1. @Grindr has been tweeting updated screenshots of it’s newly updated iOS7 version





  2. This same design, in a different stage, can be found on J. Taylor’s Behance account.
    Grindr iOS7
  3. Ms.Taylor is Grindr‘s user-experience/interface designer.
    Jenny Taylor Grindr
  4. Another nifty portfolio gallery that can be found on Ms. Taylor’s Behance profile is a gallery of mock-up’s titled Grindr – Windows Phone App. This gallery is described as the “Grindr design spec for Windows Phone”.Grindr for Windows Phone & iOS
  5. And surprise, surprise look at what design appears in the the Grindr for Windows Phone gallery:
    Grindr for Windows Phone Profile

Looks like our wish was their command-line. Though Windows Phone 7.5 users will probably still be sh*t out of luck, we Windows Phone 8 users will probably be the recipients of an amazing Christmas present though no tentive release is set, and @GrindrSupport is still telling people how great the Windows Phone “platform” is.

Now stop being coy Grindr there’s a whole untapped world out there for me to swipe through and to reject me.

(photos courtesy of Behance & Twitter)