Rambo, But Gay

Rambo is one of the “manliest” movies out there, and now there’s a gay musical version! In this 7 minute short film, Rambo, but Gay opens to the Rambo character walking down a road and then cuts to him speaking with a woman hanging up laundry to dry, asking him how he knows “my Jimmy”, referring to her son. Rambo goes on to explain that they were war heroes together, and that they were close. The mother lets him know that Jimmy, is dead, leading Rambo to drop his pack, throw his head back and scream “NOOOOOOO!” Then the title RAMBO, but GAY comes on the screen and it cuts to a sheriff singing along with the town, which is the moment you realize, it’s a musical!

The sheriff gets into his car, and as he turns the corner, he almost runs over Rambo, and after getting out of the car to ask if he’s alright, the sheriff keeps asking if he wants to go to a bathroom, and suggests several different places where they can go! And when Rambo says he just wants to get something to eat in town, the sheriff feigns outrage and tells him to turn around and put his hands on the car! The sheriff proceeds to very thoroughly frisk him, and arrest him. Then we see Rambo being brought into the station with his vest baring his muscled torso as every deputy in the room gapes and drools at him. The sheriff tells them to clean him up and it turns into a musical number of a group of deputies happily scrubbing a naked Rambo head to toe. As they are washing him and singing and dancing, they eventually get distracted with each other and Rambo sneaks away, naked. He goes into the forest and fashions a fabulous camo outfit that he just so happened to find in the forest, and while he’s on the run, the deputies find him and shoot at him. Yet, he is only wounded, and goes on to kill everyone who comes near him as the sheriff is singing about how he hopes no one notices that Rambo leaves him erect. The whole thing ends with Rambo singing that in order to find out the ending, stay tuned for Rambo 2!

I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like this, and it left me giggling at the randomness of it all, and the innuendos make up most of the script! The fact that it’s a musical made it so much better than it might have been otherwise! And at the end of it all, this is exactly what I’d expect from a gay version of Rambo! Complete with Rambo slicing the deputies’ throats as they cling to each other for help! What more could I ask for from a gay version of this manly movie?
[thanks Nerdist]